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16 August 2008 @ 07:55 pm
Preview of the Ursan, Bear Avatar!  
Hello everyone. I have been working hard on the Ursans the past fewdays! Its coming along really well and I’m almost done with the firstmodel. Just a few more touch ups and I can start on the different colortypes as well as the female version for each. I hope to create thefollowing bear types. Grizzly (which is the first one here) Black Bear,Polar Bear, Panda Bear, Sun Bear and the Asiatic Black Bear. These willall be made off the same model, so its just a differance of the Ursanhaving the texture to represent the species.

Theywill have all the same features as the Capran and more. To name a few..ability to change eye color, blinking eyes, twitching tail/ears and pawprints. Ive had pretty nice compliments on them, but a few people havecommented on the Ursan feet since they are not “fully”plantigrade feetlike real bears have. I opted to add a bit of a sculpted leg to thelower half of the avatars calf for what I feel makes a smoother animalto human transition. These are anthropomorphic avatars, they are halfhuman, therefor styalized and not a true to life representation of thereal quadruped ursine. I have tried to make the feet and paws asrealistic I could get to keep that bear “feel”

Of course anyonewho wants the avatar can choose to leave off the sculpted legs and justwear the feet. I plan to come up with a way to blend the foot into thelower leg with a prim for those who wish to not use the digital leg.

Keepan eye open for the Ursans release. You can join the Rez FantazyDesigns group in Second Life, its free to join. Or just keep an eye fora blog announcment.

You can find Rez Fantazy at this Slurl http://slurl.com/secondlife/Urqhart/148/77/41/
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