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22 February 2009 @ 07:52 pm
Update on Me!  
It is time I updated. Mostly because I'm tired of looking at the jack-o-lantern picture I posted around Halloween, hehe.

Anyway, mostly things are the same old. Holidays were great, got some cool stuff. I'm still very much on Second Life and working on my business there. Its still doing well, and I now rent a open space sim, so I have no pesky neighbors around me, just a nice island out in the big blue ocean and I have sculpted the land into an interesting old primal wilderness environment, and it contains my different businesses. Demons & Angels, Rez Fantazy and my husbands small business Gadget Works. My anthro avatars do pretty good, which is awesome and I plan to do more eventually.

My husband Tom has been more inspired lately to be a published author. Its something that hes always wanted to be, but hes just sort of had a hard time figuring out what to write. But he has started on something. It just took some thinking, some good books on writing and plot making to help him in the right direction. All his big interests in being well known for something and making something creative in the world has got me thinking about traditional artwork again. Ive been accepting commissions lately for some extra cash. It funny how they come in when I'm thinking of it, even if I dont advertise it. I want to get into painting again, with the mixed medium combination Ive grown to love.

I thought about children's books and my husband has been encouraging it. Its something I've always been told, even in my school years by teachers that id be good at, for my own creative writing talent and talent for artwork. I thought a self supported artist would be a great way to live, but I found it a bit daunting, and I dont think I have the sort of energy it takes to go to so many shows, to get my art out there, to contact all these people for licensing, to find out how to contact licensers. I give allot of credit to the artist who have done this, especially Ashley Evans thephoenixx, shes a mad woman thats for sure lol.But I admire her success, as well as many others, and id like that for myself as well, in some form. Id like a way to explore my traditional art in a more laid back manner.

I have some ideas floating around in my head and its probably time I stepped up to the plate (though many who know me well know that self motivation is something I lack lol.) I like Second Life but its not what I want to do for the rest of my life, I wanna get out there.

In my more personal life...I got my drivers license finally! yes at the age of twenty six I did it! I got it on December 24th! the day before Christmas! Good thing cuz it would have made a disappointing Christmas. Maybe I had an advantage going that day, so the driver instructor would feel bad to fail me on Christmas! lol. Yes I could drive myself around on my own!

Of course this means Ive been looking for jobs. I decided that to work for someone else what id like to do most is be a veterinary technician/assistant. In Connecticut you dont need to be certified yet to do this, but all the same most vet offices want experienced people. There was a local college that was going to teach a eight month course in it, but it filled up so fast when I called there was no more room! So despite handing resumes out in many places there hasnt been much luck yet. I suppose this is part of the trigger thats making me think of other ways to use my creative talents in the real world, at least that doesn't require me having to be hire from someone else, it just requires my own self discipline.

Well, ill think on it all and see how I feel and where it all goes!
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