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17 June 2009 @ 08:00 pm
Ferret Portraits  

This had been something I've been wanting to start for a long while. Its been on the agenda, but I just hadn't gotten to it. The recent passing of my ferret Tangy inspired me to start. I made my first portrait in memory of her. It didn't feel right to just leave it to old photographs on my computer and the memories in my mind. I wanted to make a tribute to her. I think its a fine way to introduce the work I had hoped to offer.

I'm a freelance artist, my focus had primarily shifted to digital, but I missed the traditional mediums I use to work with. Nothing tops the beauty of a painting made of real life mediums. In time I had hoped to make a small site to show my works. All earnings I made I was going to put into my pet fund aka Ferret fund! and I had also hoped it be a good means of earning where I could put a percent aside for donating to my local ferret shelters.

I know many of you have lost your dear carpet sharks in the past as I have. And many of you just in love with anything ferret, as I am - have my ferret calendar!

So I am offering custom ferret portraits!

This size available is 9x12 inches on watercolor paper
The medium is mixed. I use watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic and ink.

The price is 45$ dollars and charging 5$ extra for each extra ferret added to the portrait.

All I need is a photo of your ferret in the pose you want it.

The style of the portrait remains the same, with the watercolor boarder, subjects in the center as in the sample picture of my ferret Tangy. I can add custom messages or none at all. And whatever colors of your choosing.

(I painted Tangy this way since its how I remember her, always getting my attention staring up at me by my feet!)

(sample to show how it looks framed.)

It would take me about a week to complete depending on how many ferrets! If anyone is interested feel free to send me a direct email to com@candacebell.com
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