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20 August 2009 @ 06:33 am
Here is a new painting I did! turned out pretty decent :)

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29 July 2009 @ 08:01 pm
Ive been playing Magic the Gathering and the artwork on the cards inspired me! So I decided to try and draw something digital, well... rather paint something digital! that seems to be a popular medium these days. 8x10 size and done in photoshop with my Wacom tablet.

17 June 2009 @ 08:00 pm

This had been something I've been wanting to start for a long while. Its been on the agenda, but I just hadn't gotten to it. The recent passing of my ferret Tangy inspired me to start. I made my first portrait in memory of her. It didn't feel right to just leave it to old photographs on my computer and the memories in my mind. I wanted to make a tribute to her. I think its a fine way to introduce the work I had hoped to offer.

I'm a freelance artist, my focus had primarily shifted to digital, but I missed the traditional mediums I use to work with. Nothing tops the beauty of a painting made of real life mediums. In time I had hoped to make a small site to show my works. All earnings I made I was going to put into my pet fund aka Ferret fund! and I had also hoped it be a good means of earning where I could put a percent aside for donating to my local ferret shelters.

I know many of you have lost your dear carpet sharks in the past as I have. And many of you just in love with anything ferret, as I am - have my ferret calendar!

So I am offering custom ferret portraits!

This size available is 9x12 inches on watercolor paper
The medium is mixed. I use watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic and ink.

Large pictures under Cut!Collapse )
22 February 2009 @ 07:52 pm
It is time I updated. Mostly because I'm tired of looking at the jack-o-lantern picture I posted around Halloween, hehe.

Anyway, mostly things are the same old. Holidays were great, got some cool stuff. I'm still very much on Second Life and working on my business there. Its still doing well, and I now rent a open space sim, so I have no pesky neighbors around me, just a nice island out in the big blue ocean and I have sculpted the land into an interesting old primal wilderness environment, and it contains my different businesses. Demons & Angels, Rez Fantazy and my husbands small business Gadget Works. My anthro avatars do pretty good, which is awesome and I plan to do more eventually.

My husband Tom has been more inspired lately to be a published author. Its something that hes always wanted to be, but hes just sort of had a hard time figuring out what to write. But he has started on something. It just took some thinking, some good books on writing and plot making to help him in the right direction. All his big interests in being well known for something and making something creative in the world has got me thinking about traditional artwork again. Ive been accepting commissions lately for some extra cash. It funny how they come in when I'm thinking of it, even if I dont advertise it. I want to get into painting again, with the mixed medium combination Ive grown to love.

I thought about children's books and my husband has been encouraging it. Its something I've always been told, even in my school years by teachers that id be good at, for my own creative writing talent and talent for artwork. I thought a self supported artist would be a great way to live, but I found it a bit daunting, and I dont think I have the sort of energy it takes to go to so many shows, to get my art out there, to contact all these people for licensing, to find out how to contact licensers. I give allot of credit to the artist who have done this, especially Ashley Evans thephoenixx, shes a mad woman thats for sure lol.But I admire her success, as well as many others, and id like that for myself as well, in some form. Id like a way to explore my traditional art in a more laid back manner.

I have some ideas floating around in my head and its probably time I stepped up to the plate (though many who know me well know that self motivation is something I lack lol.) I like Second Life but its not what I want to do for the rest of my life, I wanna get out there.

In my more personal life...I got my drivers license finally! yes at the age of twenty six I did it! I got it on December 24th! the day before Christmas! Good thing cuz it would have made a disappointing Christmas. Maybe I had an advantage going that day, so the driver instructor would feel bad to fail me on Christmas! lol. Yes I could drive myself around on my own!

Of course this means Ive been looking for jobs. I decided that to work for someone else what id like to do most is be a veterinary technician/assistant. In Connecticut you dont need to be certified yet to do this, but all the same most vet offices want experienced people. There was a local college that was going to teach a eight month course in it, but it filled up so fast when I called there was no more room! So despite handing resumes out in many places there hasnt been much luck yet. I suppose this is part of the trigger thats making me think of other ways to use my creative talents in the real world, at least that doesn't require me having to be hire from someone else, it just requires my own self discipline.

Well, ill think on it all and see how I feel and where it all goes!
31 October 2008 @ 04:37 pm
Happy Halloween everybody! I will be helping to hand out candy to the kids, Ill probably give them the tootsie rolls and save the twix chocolate bars for myself XD

Look at the jack-o-lanters I made! praise them! XD One is a ghost and the other is the face of Mad King Thorn from the Guild Wars Halloween guest!

Btw... whats the deal with calling those miniature chocolate bars for Halloween "fun sized?" when they are like a 1/4 of the real candy bar size? O.o
08 October 2008 @ 03:55 pm
Hello everybody.

I have an auction up on ebay for a custom gryphon sculpture. I am trying to earn some extra cash so that I can get my four pet ferrets a Ferret Nation cage (is the cage of all cages - one cage to rule them all sort of cage for ferrets) I need to raise an extra 200 dollars to get it, so I thought id offer a commission!
Ebay Auction Here

If not the gryphon's commission, I would be open to other sculpted or painting commissions. Just contact me if your interested and with a description of what your looking for. You could always brows my gallery to see the sort of artwork I can do.
View My Gallery Here!

Contact me Here!
03 September 2008 @ 07:52 am
Finally I have released the Ursans! I have six species to choose from. The grizzly, black bear, polar bear, asiatic bear, sun bear and panda. Of course I have them available in male and female. They come with a bunch of great features.

~Blinking eyes
~Color changing eyes
~Twitching ears
~Wagging tail
~Sound hud

All customizable through a menu! They also have free updates :) Asking 850L each.

You can visit Rez Fantazy's main location Here at this Slurl!
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29 August 2008 @ 07:59 am
I recently had my birthday! I asked for a chocolate on chocolate cake of course, but I was pleasantly surprised to see what was on the cake! My husband cleverly had the cake maker decorate the top of it with eatable pictures of all four of my ferrets faces!

Mint and Tangy on top from left to right, and then Penny and Yuka on the bottom from left to right! I guess my hubby sent in photos and told the cake lady to use her artistic eye.


We at the half that had the happy birthday writing, Im dreading the cutting of the ferrets, but its yummy cake!
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16 August 2008 @ 07:55 pm
Hello everyone. I have been working hard on the Ursans the past fewdays! Its coming along really well and I’m almost done with the firstmodel. Just a few more touch ups and I can start on the different colortypes as well as the female version for each. I hope to create thefollowing bear types. Grizzly (which is the first one here) Black Bear,Polar Bear, Panda Bear, Sun Bear and the Asiatic Black Bear. These willall be made off the same model, so its just a differance of the Ursanhaving the texture to represent the species.

Theywill have all the same features as the Capran and more. To name a few..ability to change eye color, blinking eyes, twitching tail/ears and pawprints. Ive had pretty nice compliments on them, but a few people havecommented on the Ursan feet since they are not “fully”plantigrade feetlike real bears have. I opted to add a bit of a sculpted leg to thelower half of the avatars calf for what I feel makes a smoother animalto human transition. These are anthropomorphic avatars, they are halfhuman, therefor styalized and not a true to life representation of thereal quadruped ursine. I have tried to make the feet and paws asrealistic I could get to keep that bear “feel”

Of course anyonewho wants the avatar can choose to leave off the sculpted legs and justwear the feet. I plan to come up with a way to blend the foot into thelower leg with a prim for those who wish to not use the digital leg.

Keepan eye open for the Ursans release. You can join the Rez FantazyDesigns group in Second Life, its free to join. Or just keep an eye fora blog announcment.

You can find Rez Fantazy at this Slurl http://slurl.com/secondlife/Urqhart/148/77/41/
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04 August 2008 @ 12:45 pm
ConnectiCon!!! Ya baby, we did go this year as planned! Though this year we werent in the artist colony, so I didn't see much point in posting about it before hand. This year we wanted to be part of the main crowd. We wanted to get in on all the events and panels that you cant attend when watching over a table. And this year we wanted to COSPLAY! My hubby and I decided to dress up like Aperture Science Test Subjects from the PC game Portal. It was a good and original choice, as we both ended up being the only Portal related people in the Con (unless there were others who came late in the evening we didn't see)

It was loads of fun and we got a surprising amount of attention. I wasn't sure what to expect. Portal didn't seem as popular as allot of anime characters out there, and I wasn't sure how many people would be familiar with the game. But it turned out there were quite a few fans! Lots of people requested our picture. Before we even got past the pre-register line, we had our pictures taken about four times O.o After that it seemed like we couldn t go twenty minutes without at least one picture request.

If it wasnt pictures keeping us busy, it was people stopping to chat about the game or ask questions, or yell things at us like.."THE CAKE IS A LIE" (people loved playfully bursting our bubbles) or "Did you find the cake!" and "Portal!" or "Aperture Science!", "Portal People!", "Portal Guns!" we had people pointing and saying "That is a Triumph" and one nice person even told us on multiple occasions that we "made her Con". One common thing that happened was people singing part of the song "still alive" to us, or else sharing their "still alive" rings tones on their cell phones with us hehe. It was a really nice time, and very rewarding.

We left much of the costume work to the last minute. Thursday the day before the Con we worked our asses off. My husband aka "Smoo" worked on the portal gun. I didn't want to touch that part of the project with the thirty nine and a half inch pole. The guns were made of spray painted black pvc pipes from, a spay painted cut up pretzel container, a cut up plastic plant pot, fun foam, plastic tubing and tons of hot glue. They looked a bit amateur to us, but were well received at the Con nonetheless and were quite photogenic. I worked on the outfits, with fabric paint I trimmed the suit in white and painted the logo on the back. (I also drew the blue Aperture logo on he gun) Thanks to my mother in law, she cut and hemmed the legs and arms on the suits.

Yes... we did have leg springs, we put ALL this damn work into making them. We used fun foam and wire and hot glue. Made all these separate pieces, glued them all together, brought them to the Con only to find out they didn't quite fit right, bounced to much when you walked, and were not very comfortable. So alas, we had no leg springs. Only a few people noticed and commented. I think the suit and gun brought it all together well enough.

We were at ConnectiCon for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, though on the first two days we left for home around 7pm. We had an hour drive back and after 12 hours of walking and none stop excitement I was tired! My hubby wanted to stay longer, but I just couldn't take it, when my normal bed time hour is about 9:30 pm. Next year we are going to look into staying at the hotel so we have the opportunity to attend the dances, and musical, masquerade and things like that. Sunday we left around three pm, it was kind of slow anyway, and no panels we were really interested in. We wanted to see the Kendo workshop, but after waiting twenty minutes into the panel, nobody showed up to run it, so we all decided it was "panel FAIL" and left.

Ashely and Johnny where at the Con of course! set up in the artist colony! They had a nice table, and seemed to be getting allot of attention. At least when my hubby and I came around to their spot (which we did many times) there were people standing there! I'm under the impression that their time at the Con was a triumph ;) so Congrats to you two!

Even though they were busy at their table most the time it was still a great time hanging out with them, and Im sad we live so far away because it be cool to chill with em on a regular basis (we loves you Ashley and Johnny! *hugs) Johnny was kind enough to share a few twizzlers with me. We also managed to drag him off to Quiznos for lunch, it was an epic adventure walking in Hartford city and trying to find it with my hubby and his friend Avery. (Ashley had to man the table, but dont worry Johnny brought her back something!)

My birthday is this month in August and Ashley happened to notice thanks to Live Journal, and she was sweet enough to offer me a Purrsnickety collectible of my choice, so I picked Sleepers, I love his adorable, passed out expression. hehe!! I have him on my computer desk above my monitor with the rest of my Ash Evans shrine items :P

I picked up a few fun items at the Con....

My husband "Smoo" made a YouTube clip of our time at ConnectiCon, with pictures of us and other people in costumes we loved! It was loads of fun, but I am drained! Sunday I could hardly make myself walk, or get out of the bed for the last day, I was feeling so lazy. I'm glad to be back home though. But after all the excitement I'm not sure what to do with myself! hehe

Anyhow, YouTube clip.. enjoy!

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