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Journal of Candace Bell

26 August 1982
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Throughout my life, creating my own original artwork has been my primary interest. I started out drawing and sketching and slowly made my way into painting. Over time I started to develop my own style of painting by observing, evaluating my finished work, and improving my technique. My choice of mediums is oil and acrylic although I have done works using watercolor and ink, often combining the two.

I’m obviously a big fan of fantasy themed things! I just love the idea of all these different kinds of powerful and enchanting creatures. I love the majesty of them and enjoy coming up with my own original artwork and idea surrounding their world. I have always been fascinated with dragons and unicorns from a young age, the whole world surrounding all these creatures is a feeling that seem to be instilled within me, that breaks through me and escapes into my artwork!

Other Personal Info about Me!

I am 26 years old born and raised in Canada. Most of my time is pretty much spent doing artwork and managing my web page and Ebay. However I do have a few other interests. One of my favorite things besides my husband Tom who is an aspiring fantasy novelist!
are my pets, I just love animals and couldn’t live in a house without them. Tom I own two cats named Yari and Woody. My own personal pets are my lovebird named Houdini and Hamster Butters. I also have a 30 gallon tank of fancy goldfish and a 75 gallon planted tank with fresh-water fish (fish are more Toms thing). I love all my pets dearly although my main passion is with birds.

I also love nature and being surrounded by it. I could never live in the city. The city is just all very commercial and busy and is not the kind of place I want to be. I find great beauty in nature and love the quiet peaceful feeling of the country, and a lot of my inspiration for my artwork comes from nature.

Tom and I also love food! Often I find myself in the kitchen with my husband Tom baking bread or making some kind of pasta lunch. We both like to cook and bake and are always trying out new recipes. We take great pride in our cooking!

I love to listen to music, especially when I’m doing art. It can really help influence the way it comes out and feeling it gives in the final product. I like progressive rock as I find the music to be more spiritual and I love concept albums. A few of my favorite bands are Symphony X, Dream Theater, Threshold and Rush! I also enjoy allot of new age music and like to listen to artists like Robert Miles and listing to an on line new age radios station called Mystic Radio

My main and most important interest lies in my spirituality and spiritual development. I have had a strong sense of my own spiritual individuality from a young age but just over the past few years I have come aware of what that means and how to further develop myself spiritually. Learning from my own experience I cultivate my own beliefs. I am always further expanding my mind into the universe, looking to develop my psychic and spiritual self. If you are interested in finding out more about me and my personal and spiritual thoughts please see my My Personal Site!